Want to know the Top Tips For Hiring an Event A/V Company?

Before you choose your event AV company, watch our webinar to get the must-have tips!


Industry expert and president of Endless, a nationwide event production company, Will Curran walks you through the top things to look for when hiring an event AV company. 

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Prior to contacting an AV or Production Company, what do you need to think about so you can share an as accurate as possible request for proposal with an event AV company?
  • What are some of event AV companies biggest challenges in dealing with planners around AV, and how can you overcome these challenges?
  • At times, an AV company is brought on long after a venue contract is negotiated. As such, what do you need to negotiate in a venue contract to ensure event AV companies can do their job as well as possible?
  • Recent trends in Audio Visual production
  • Endless' top 3 tips for planners to ensure that the production of their event goes off without any issues

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