Get Creative at Your Next Event with Our List of 150 Scenic Design Ideas


This massive list is meant to:

  • Spark your creativity with unique designs you may not have seen before
  • Provide you with incredible visual examples that you can pull from for your next event
  • Clearly show how these design techniques are used
  • Make it easier to create a stunning event

Have you seen our blog on this topic? If so, that's a great start! However, this guide offers 50 additional designs that we didn't cover in our blog. We wanted to give you maximum inspiration!

Download the list today and create scenic designs that everyone will be talking about!


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What are some creative scenic designs for my next event?

We get it. Event goers always expect to be wowed by creative scenic design. And your clients are always looking for new ways to deliver on that expectation. But it can be hard to continually find inspiration, especially if you often plan events of a similar nature. That’s why we’ve put together a massive list of 100 scenic design ideas, including the themes and types of events they are best suited to. We’re sure you’ll be finding that inspiration you need, even just a few items in!