Make sure your event Wi-Fi is exactly how you want it for the price you want it!

Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity at every single event... but you know this! Everyone hates when a venue has horrible Wi-Fi because it makes event apps slow, causes problems with presenters, and is absolutely annoying. Good Wi-Fi is crucial!

When talking to your venue about Wi-Fi, you have all the power. DO NOT let your venue trap you in a corner and make you feel helpless. This webinar explores the complexities of event Wi-Fi and provides you with lots of tools that you can use when negotiating Wi-Fi before your next event. We have all the inside information about how to get the best, and most affordable Wi-Fi from your venue! In this webinar, Will Curran, Chief Einstein here at Endless, will be talking all about what to look for in your venue contracts, how to properly evaluate your Wi-Fi, and what kind of backup plan you should have!

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In this webinar, you will be learn:

  • How to effectively communicate with your venue about Wi-Fi
  • Whether or not you can bring in your own network provider
  • How you should evaluate event Wi-Fi
  • What to ask your venue before you sign your contract