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After you submit your request for a proposal, we will reach out to you and book a 10-15 minute video call. We want to get to know you and your event needs and goals. This ensures we understand your larger strategy before presenting you with a proposal full of solutions.

The first step is a 10-15 minute video call so we can meet you and learn about your event needs and goals. The best part? There's absolutely no pressure when you schedule a call with us! We just want to determine if we're a good fit!


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  • Our Einsteins of events will help you look at your event in a new way to achieve your goals
  • It saves you time by minimizing back-and-forth and miscommunication
  • It saves you on costs that might go up as your event data creeps closer
  • Allows you to develop a relationship with our team
  • The earlier we start the conversation, the more time we have to discuss strategy, event details, goals, design, and execution


You’re a good fit for Endless if…

  • You’ve taken a look at our website and are excited about working with us;
  • You’re looking to hire a team to manage every aspect of your event;
  • You are planning a corporate event, conference, meeting, or marketing event;
  • Your event has a budget of $70,000 or more.


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