Keep your Event Prompt and Punctual With Our Event Show Flow Template!


With this template you will be able to:

  • Keep your event on schedule
  • Visually see gaps in your schedule or areas where there is too much speaking
  • Add in buffer space between presenters to help keep everything on track
  • Get a feel for what a typical show flow looks like for corporate events
  • Fully customize the spreadsheet to fit your specific event

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How Do I Keep my Event From Going Over Time?

As event professionals, we have seen way too many events go over time due to lack of planning and scheduling. We understand that a little discrepancy in the schedule is inevitable, but we wanted to help mitigate this issue!

We created this Free Show Flow Template to help guide you through the scheduling process. If you're an experienced event planner, you've been through this process probably more than a hundred times. That's why we wanted to include some categories and details that you might not have thought of before.

If you are about to plan your first event ever, then this will be the perfect tool to help guide your team towards success during your event!

Pro tip for all event planners: if you know you're going to have a speaker that loves to go over time (there's always at least one), make sure to schedule some additional transition time in between presenters! Feel free to make changes and personalize this template to fit your needs.

Happy scheduling!