What do you need to consider before writing a request for proposal for your virtual event? 

We've created simple, easy-to-follow templates to help you identify vendor capabilities and articulate your event needs!

There are so many new components to consider when planning a virtual event and we want you to feel prepared. This guide will prepare you for meetings with vendors and ultimately help you compare and choose the right one for you event.
How to use this guide: 
  • Make a copy of the template (and share with team members)!
  • Fill out the sections that are applicable to your event
  • Use these requirements to structure your RFP
  • Use the vendor spreadsheets to guide your questions to vendors and compare them

We've even provided some examples for you to follow along!

Download our guide now to organize your RFP for your virtual event!


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The three templates included are: 

  • Request for Proposal - by filling out these sections, you will be able to know exactly how to communicate with your production company about what you need

  • Vendor Proposal - these sections will help you understand what you need from your vendors

  • Vendor Comparison - this section will help you compare and contrast platforms and other vendors